(This class qualifies for a Girl Scout Social Butterfly Badge and can be booked for private groups of 20 or more students.)

Set your children on the right path by having them learn the essentials in proper etiquette with certified etiquette instructor Kim Parr. This interactive presentation will teach them everyday etiquette, introductions, handshakes, and table manners.
The class includes refreshments. Cost is $15.00 per person and registration is required as space is limited and non-refundable.  Ages 6 - 13 recommended.

Children's Etiquette Classes

Hi Kim,
What a wonderful class you provided today!! The kids practiced their handshake greetings w/Diane at Max and Ollies and did some demonstrations for their parents and us at dinner! I also LOVED the tour of the Crocker House! What a wonderful, dedicated group of volunteers you have!! 
You wanted me to also remind you of my suggestion for a Manner's class outline of topics/key points/learnings for parents to take home and reinforce at home.
Thanks again for your patience and dedication to this class and the museum! We are fortunate to have you in our community!
Patrice Avery

Wanted to say thank you for having this event. My daughters enjoyed it and came home with lots of interesting information. They couldn’t help to correct me of all my etiquette mistakes. 😂

Children’s Etiquette Class Summary

1. What does “etiquette” mean and what types of situations and places do you need special etiquette for?

2. Dress

a. Professional

b. Business casual

c. Body language

3. How to introduce and in what order.

4. Handshaking

5. How to be considerate and kind.

6. How to set the table.

7. Dining skills

a. Continental dining: fork in the left hand with tines down, knife in the right hand.

b. No elbows on the table and hands are always seen; not on their lap.

c. No pre-cutting of food. Cut each piece separately.

d. Use and language of napkin.

e. Language of beverage glass.

f. Language of utensils.

g. How to escort and seat a lady at the table.

h. How to thank a host/hostess.